Fall Weather

I’m excited that I will be driving through Georgia for their autumn.  Florida has changes in the weather and the foliage that are wonderful, but nothing compared to the northern climates.  I miss that.  I miss the crackling leaves underfoot.  I get an eyes closed version walking on the path at Barefoot Beach where the sea grapes change color, drop to the path and crackle.

I appreciate these cool nights and mornings.  I walk early at the beach and enjoy the frolicking dolphins, the gopher turtles peeking out of their holes, the raccoons hurrying along and the squirrels playing in the trees.  Exquisite butterflies and busy bees are all around with the periwinkles in lavender and white in bloom.  The wild coffee has bright red berries to celebrate the coming holidays.

Yes, I am fortunate to live so near the Gulf in weather without snow and ice.  Here, I have great opportunities to freelance my writing to Spotlight, AXS and Examiner while sending off the final manuscript of my newest novel, Bamboo Rings, to the publisher today!  Perhaps that’s the euphoria I feel.  The release date is December 11.


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Southwest Spotlight News features “Super Ghost” Orchid and D. K. Christi

Southwest Spotlight News features “Super Ghost” Orchid and D. K. Christi.

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Spotlight News Magazine features “Super Ghost” orchid and D. K. Christi

“Super Ghost” Takes Center Stage at Corkscrew This Summer

Staff Report

The Ghost Orchid is rare but can be found in bloom now at Corkscrew Sanctuary. 
Dennis Goodman The Ghost Orchid is rare but can be found in bloom now at Corkscrew Sanctuary. Dennis Goodman Photography

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary — The “Super Ghost” of Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary broke all ghost orchid records July 5 with 15 open blooms from 20 buds, a unique local celebrity. It’s second blooming in August with 11 new open blooms continued its legendary status.

Rare and endangered, this wild orchid is a destination for rare orchid quests. Ghost orchids typically only grow deep in the Everglades and parts of Cuba, usually one illusive bloom at a time.

Journalist Susan Orlean, author of Orchid Thief in 1998, followed by the movie Adaptation in 2002, slogged through the inhospitable Fakahatchee Strand and never found the illusive ghost orchid, the object of poachers and the plot of her non-fiction story.

In stark contrast, author and journalist D. K. Christi, feature writer and Our Best Friends columnist for Spotlight Magazines, was counted among the “obsessed” by local media after the “Super Ghost” discovery with 11 blooms on her July 2007 birthday.

“I was mesmerized as I studied these mystical and gossamer white orchids without leaves, perched at the ends of slender stems, dancing in the swamp breeze high in the canopy,” said Christi. “They felt feminine with a story to tell.”

She celebrated her 2009 birthday with the publication of the only novel about the “Super Ghost,” Ghost Orchid, inspired by her response to its magic and beauty and her training as a Corkscrew boardwalk naturalist.

“I always loved the serenity and power of the sanctuary,” said Christi, “but this orchid called to me, like a spiritual gift with ethereal, ghostly qualities.

Darryl Saffer, award-winning environmental filmmaker produced the Ghost Orchid book trailer with original Everglades video clips and haunting flute music because he enjoyed the story. Ed Carlson, former long-time director of Corkscrew Swamp said, “I loved the novel.”

Christi connects the ghost orchid legends and botanical uniqueness in entertaining and informative presentations for organizations and interested groups, “Sex, Myth and Magic, the Ghost Orchid.” She shares tales of woe from potential domestic growers who persevere with patience. Ghost orchids, among the most sophisticated orchid species, are pollinated by a single sphinx moth and choose their environment. Removal from their wild location is certain death.

Find Ghost Orchid at libraries and for sale at booksellers and online. Ghost Orchid sales at the Corkscrew nature store benefit the sanctuary. More at www.dkchristi.com and www.corkscrew.audubon.org

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

375 Sanctuary Road West (off Immokalee Rd.), Naples

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Rare Ghosts in the Everglades inspire D.K. Christi

Rare Ghosts in the Everglades inspire D.K. Christi.

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Clouds are special

I am grateful for clouds.  Each morning, early, I walk the two-mile loop at the beach among the sea grapes and palms.  Gopher turtles, raccoons, squirrels, and a variety of birds keep me company.  Recently, the sun is hot already in the early morning.  I am grateful for the occasional cloud that gives me a moment’s relief.

Then I think of those seeking a tan for whom the cloud is a problem, not a joy.  Perhaps that is the way of life’s many challenges.  At the time, they may be problematic but perhaps from another point of view, they may also provide a hidden gift.

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Little song birds out my window

A year ago my son hung a pretty, etched bird feeder just outside my office window from my frangiopanji tree.  A storm blew it down.

This year he hung two bird feeders that have remained and attracted a wide variety of song birds much to my enjoyment.

They must not see me in the window as they eat and sing away in every color of the rainbow.  It’s a matter of perspective, but I think the most beautiful is the painted bunting.  However, the bright red cardinals are right up there.

My window gives me a lot of joy as I write each day.

I’ve added the Ghost Orchid video as a reminder that Ghost Orchid tucked in an orchid plant is a perfect mother’s day gift.  Ghost Orchid asks if love is eternal, especially a mother’s love.

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Today is a great day!

ImageFrench beading artist Nancy Giffin started my week with a smile.  She sent an email asking if I would permit her to gift a ghost orchid from her beaded collection to me.  I felt honored by her kindness and met her at the co-op art gallery at Coconut Point Mall.  Her gift was more than a small token of our mutual appreciation of ghost orchids, it was a magnificent replica not well represented in the photo.  Her wonderful artwork is better seen at her web site http://www.missnancescustomcrafts.com/ She also works with replica Shaker art to memorialize the talent of this sect no longer in existence. 

My week continued with one positive event after another.  Today, searching through some cards that were with my passport, I found money.  It was traveling money for my trip to Panama many years ago.  I looked for some special cards in another place and found more!

Today’s thunder storm came after my lawn was mowed and when I was out and about with a car that badly deserved a washing.  “God’s car wash” was followed by blazing sunshine across a sky of rolling cumulus encircled by rainbows – double.

What a day!  It’s good to capture and collect these memories of small pleasures to recall when everything seems downhill.  Life is beautiful. 

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