My county in Florida has been in a drought.  With a river at the end of the street and the Gulf five miles away, lack of water seems strange.  Yet, it’s a fact.

Marigolds are very hardy, but they bent their little heads in disgust even as I sprayed them from the hose.

Today, big threatening clouds loomed overhead and I had expectations.  Little rain specks appeared on the car and the pavement.  They continued until everything looked wet and the pavement sent off steam.  That was it.  That was all the rain that came from those giant, puffy clouds.

It was still wonderful! For just a few moments I thought we would get a soaker.  Those moments of expectation had my flowers on steroids, my grass green, my car clean and cooler air.

Isn’t that the truth, though?  It’s not always in receiving our wish that makes life exciting – it’s the expectation.  I felt happy.  Even when the little bit of rain came, I stepped into it to feel the precious droplets, smiling.

Today, I am grateful for the clouds, the misting rain, and for the joy that hope brings.


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