It’s a beautiful day

I just love Aesop’s Fables.  Oh, they are not all wonderful.  I really like The Fox and the Grapes, The Lion and the Mouse, The Crow and the Pitcher, The Tortoise and the Hare, The Ant and the Dove, The Peacock’s Tail and The Fox and the Crow.  Intended as tales for the young, I find the simple lessons charming and memorable.  Do you have a favorite children’s story that is as good for an adult to read as a child?  Please respond to this blog with your titles that remain important to how you view life. So often, it is the simple lessons that stay with us when needed.  They form a visualization that is easily recalled.  The Bible if full of such lessons.  Every time I plant marigold seeds I am reminded of having the faith of a mustard seed – my marigolds grow large and bushy in Florida from fluffy little seeds.  Imagine the faith it takes to put a seed in dirt and expect flowers.  Certainly many lessons are present.  Share yours please. dk

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