Fall Weather

I’m excited that I will be driving through Georgia for their autumn.  Florida has changes in the weather and the foliage that are wonderful, but nothing compared to the northern climates.  I miss that.  I miss the crackling leaves underfoot.  I get an eyes closed version walking on the path at Barefoot Beach where the sea grapes change color, drop to the path and crackle.

I appreciate these cool nights and mornings.  I walk early at the beach and enjoy the frolicking dolphins, the gopher turtles peeking out of their holes, the raccoons hurrying along and the squirrels playing in the trees.  Exquisite butterflies and busy bees are all around with the periwinkles in lavender and white in bloom.  The wild coffee has bright red berries to celebrate the coming holidays.

Yes, I am fortunate to live so near the Gulf in weather without snow and ice.  Here, I have great opportunities to freelance my writing to Spotlight, AXS and Examiner while sending off the final manuscript of my newest novel, Bamboo Rings, to the publisher today!  Perhaps that’s the euphoria I feel.  The release date is December 11.

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