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Clouds are special

I am grateful for clouds.  Each morning, early, I walk the two-mile loop at the beach among the sea grapes and palms.  Gopher turtles, raccoons, squirrels, and a variety of birds keep me company.  Recently, the sun is hot already in the early morning.  I am grateful for the occasional cloud that gives me a moment’s relief.

Then I think of those seeking a tan for whom the cloud is a problem, not a joy.  Perhaps that is the way of life’s many challenges.  At the time, they may be problematic but perhaps from another point of view, they may also provide a hidden gift.

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Little song birds out my window

A year ago my son hung a pretty, etched bird feeder just outside my office window from my frangiopanji tree.  A storm blew it down.

This year he hung two bird feeders that have remained and attracted a wide variety of song birds much to my enjoyment.

They must not see me in the window as they eat and sing away in every color of the rainbow.  It’s a matter of perspective, but I think the most beautiful is the painted bunting.  However, the bright red cardinals are right up there.

My window gives me a lot of joy as I write each day.

I’ve added the Ghost Orchid video as a reminder that Ghost Orchid tucked in an orchid plant is a perfect mother’s day gift.  Ghost Orchid asks if love is eternal, especially a mother’s love.

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