Today is a great day!

ImageFrench beading artist Nancy Giffin started my week with a smile.  She sent an email asking if I would permit her to gift a ghost orchid from her beaded collection to me.  I felt honored by her kindness and met her at the co-op art gallery at Coconut Point Mall.  Her gift was more than a small token of our mutual appreciation of ghost orchids, it was a magnificent replica not well represented in the photo.  Her wonderful artwork is better seen at her web site She also works with replica Shaker art to memorialize the talent of this sect no longer in existence. 

My week continued with one positive event after another.  Today, searching through some cards that were with my passport, I found money.  It was traveling money for my trip to Panama many years ago.  I looked for some special cards in another place and found more!

Today’s thunder storm came after my lawn was mowed and when I was out and about with a car that badly deserved a washing.  “God’s car wash” was followed by blazing sunshine across a sky of rolling cumulus encircled by rainbows – double.

What a day!  It’s good to capture and collect these memories of small pleasures to recall when everything seems downhill.  Life is beautiful. 

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