The best intentions

This will be short.  Don’t go away.  I had the best intentions to post something positive here every day, or at least once a week, or worst case, once a month.  Well, so much for good intentions.  I think action speaks louder than intention.  Priorities set both.  I realize that lately my priorities are as eclectic as my life and my writing.  I’m quick to condemn the priorities of others, yet mine are slippery these days.

It’s important to log positive experiences and thoughts.  I just read two books.  Both were in my possession as the result of winning little contests.  The first was a murder/mystery that took a lot of discipline to finish – a good book should not take a lot of discipline to finish.  For me, a good book compels me to finish and I’m sorry when it ends.  The second book is about Crayons by Rodell – do buy it.  It’s such a simply joyful and irreverent little book about coloring one’s life with a zest for living in a collection of 500 little bits with blogs throughout.  It’s not designed to read cover to cover; but it’s a book to pick up and open to a smile. I was compelled to open it so frequently that it is over too soon – I want more.   

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