Such a magnificent ending to a troubled year.  I decided at the last minute to take a quick drive down by the Gulf, seeing that the sun was dropping quickly as an afterthought.  There wasn’t time to park where I have a sticker and run to the shore for a really great setting sun experience.  Instead, mother and i moved through the parking lots, peeking through the already parked cars and the people framed by the dropping sun behind them, dark silhouettes surrounded by a golden glow.  Just before the blazing sun dropped through the clouds already tinged with rose, we had an opening to watch it sink into the sea, an oriental lantern as it lost its shape to the horizon.  We left quickly and drove east on Bonita Beach Road toward the rising full moon, now rising through lavender clouds in a rose and lavender streaked sky.  My mother and I remarked repeatedly how amazing it was to experience such natural beauty in one full sweep from West to East.  It was nearly overpowering.  Sometimes when I know the moon is setting in the sea in the morning I wonder if it can be seen next to the rising sun.  I’ll need to check that out some morning.  Right now, I’m enjoying the full moon.  Born to the sign of Cancer, I am sensitive to the moon and tides. When I lived on Lady Ace in Georgetown Harbor, I would try to read by the moon on the white deck it was so bright.  It’s bright light now shines through my bedroom windows. Ah, the full moon is pure romance for me – the romance of adventure and the excitement of love.  Yes, I associate that full moon with more than tides and light but also with a heart beating and a love filled night.

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