Severe Thunderstorm Warning

I called them on the cell phone and left a message, “Did you hear the weather report?  A severe thunderstorm is predicted and I can see the wind already.”  Of course, she doesn’t need a cell phone, so she seldom checks hers.

I continued to Hemingway’s at Coconut Point for an evening of dining outside to enjoy the entertainment with friends and their children.  The sky looked really black in the direction of the restaurant.

I waited for them in the 30 knot winds and beginning rain that turned to a slushy composition threatening hail.  Not another soul was braving the outdoor weather; the musician pulled his equipment to somewhere less threatening.

After several fruitless cell phone calls, I returned home in a downpour with heavy winds; it’s what I call, “God’s free car wash.”

Finally I received a cell call wondering where I was – an hour past our appointed time to meet.  They had finally arrived and were enjoying the music – inside.  They had no concept of my frustrating waiting time with the impending storm.

It’s only a five minute drive, so I returned.  The storm passed and we were able to spend the evening outside in cool air, a steady cool breeze leftover from the storm, huge cumulus still staring down at us in anger, but spent.

The little boys were thrilled with the turtles and fish in the pond below and beyond the terrace.  They were also fascinated with the musician’s computer.  Fortunately, there were good fences.  The group of people that made it through the storm were a dancing bunch, sort of gathering in groups to the beat of the singular musician who managed to sound like a band and imitate Elvis Presley though his appearance came nowhere close.

It was a full evening that had a shaky start but ended with a cool, summer evening among friends, good music and a great atmosphere.  Life is good.

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