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My exercise class starts each Monday right.  The one-hour of twisting, lifting weights, marching and stretching bands helps make up for twelve hours a day of writing – though not quite.

The camaraderie of friends who also take the Monday, Wednesday and Thursday class at New Image is really what makes it worthwhile.  Sharing an activity with kindred spirits, trying to keep the aches and pains of aging at bay, makes the time pass quickly.

Somehow the cares that accumulate lift during that one hour.  The focus is on keeping up, making the right moves, staying in tune with the music and simply, “doing it right” to get the most mileage from the movements.

One of the advantages of working from home is the ability to schedule a day’s activities according to my needs in addition to the work at hand.  I am grateful for both the career that allows me to work from home and the choices that I have for my own schedule.  Today’s class has me energized for the rest of the day!


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