Root Beer Floats

The church social following service included root beer floats.  My how that treat started memory lane for many of us.  We talked about the A & W Drive In after the Drive In movie and a drive to the beach.  Convertibles were everything then, those carefree summers along Lake Michigan.  Oh, convertibles are still “in” but the drive-ins in general are gone, just a few nostalgia places left.  These days in Michigan are far from care free.

The root beer float today was great on a hot summer afternoon on the church screened in porch, the Bahamas fans the only cooling device.  The ice cream quickly melted, but the conversations stayed heated.  We talked about books we just published, children we are no longer able to help and how we moved here to be near the Gulf and yet visit there much too seldom. A couple men across the table were huddled in a chat about this afternoon’s “game.”  It was a Norman Rockwell afternoon, a handful of people enjoying each other’s company and a frosty, cold drink, one of life’s simple pleasures.

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